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Dev Update

Just a quick dev update this time. (You can see our last one here.)

The current focus: Our current focus is on some really nice additions to the community functionality for the platform.

Some design work: Redesigning the series selection screen was a priority and took some research time on our part. Our initial design had contemplated a certain type and amount of content. As we move through development and testing, we found a better way to display information.

Add to the team: We added some iOS dev help in the last couple of weeks but are looking to add to the team.

Want to take a leadership position on our platform team? Check out the current opening here.

One Cool Thing

If you have not tried out Instabug yet, give it a look. It’s a pretty cool tool allowing us to have in-app bug reporting. It automatically captures a screenshot that you can draw on or add a voice note.


We got this question via DM on twitter: Why is the beta private?

We are still working on some UI and front end tweaks in terms of polish, plus opening it up to outside users would also mean a lot more support requests, which we can’t handle at the moment! However, if you want a private demo let us know and we’ll do out best to accomadate!

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Meet Our New Partner, Industrial Toys!

We are pretty stoked to officially announce our partnership with Industrial Toys. Bound will be developing an original series expanding on the story from Midnight Star: Renegade. Actually, we have already started and we’ll have some pretty cool announcements soon.

renegade_keyart_nologoOk, a little about Midnight Star: Renegade. Midnight Star: Renegade is a mobile first-person shooter sequel to last year’s Midnight Star game. It already has a well-developed world for us to play in. In fact, check out the graphic novel, Midnight Rises, from sci-fi writer John Scalzi and artist Mike Choi which details the events leading up to the first Midnight Star mobile game. Yes, that’s right – the Midnight Star world and overarching story were created by none other than John Scalzi. Combine that firepower with Industrial Toys CEO Alex Seropian and you have a pretty rad universe.

Touch Arcade called Midnight Star: Renegade “pretty brilliant kind of way to design a first-person shooter” and Awesome Game Blog said “easily a contender for hand-held shooter of the year.

Go ahead and download the Midnight Star: Renegade now and get ready!



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