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Bound Featured in AT&T Foundry’s The Future of Entertainment

Bound gets a mentions in the “Future of Entertainment” report by AT&T Foundry! 

“Media is moving away from being a product driven type of experience to a service rooted
experience. In many ways, it’s similar to the evolution that occurred in the gaming industry.
The gaming industry looked a lot like a consumer packaged goods company. Companies had no real
relationships with their customers. Now it’s about an ongoing dialogue. Companies are creating an
experience that continues to grow over time. This is coming in the media industry.”

Matthew Hannus, cofounder Bound

Read the report here:

Bound and Exiles of Embermark Talk Story

Bound got a nice mention recently on Touch Arcade:

“As we’ve talked about in the past, the developers have decided to use the app Bound as a way to get the game’s story out without burdening the actual app. Each month, we’ll get more of the game’s narrative on Bound, and that will include updates on how the game’s various houses are doing along with other fun tidbits.”

Read the article here:

‘Exiles of Embermark’ Starting to Flesh Out Its Episodic Narrative

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