Ok, so the spiderwolf’s out of the bag. We are happy to officially announce that Gunslinger Studios is one of our first game content partners! We’ll be developing a series as part of Gunslinger’s highly anticipated mobile RPG, Exiles of Embermark. We loved seeing the Bound mention in Pocket Gamer!

eoeheaderWe are very excited to be working with the Gunslinger team. They are insanely talented and love stories and worldbuilding just like us. Some of the things we’ll be doing with Exiles of Embermark fiction have never really been done before. We’ll have some exciting news as we develop the series.

In the meantime, check out the Exiles of Embermark site for more details about the fantasy world and upcoming mobile RPG. It’s one of the best dev blogs out there and the Gunslinger team shares a ton of information. Be sure to join their Discord community as they get the community involved in design decisions for the game.

We were going to ask Gunslinger CEO, Tim Harris for a quote but he is focused on building the most awesome mobile RPG ever. Never disturb a wizard! (He’ll smite you.)

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