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Bound Featured in AT&T Foundry’s The Future of Entertainment

Bound gets a mentions in the “Future of Entertainment” report by AT&T Foundry! 

“Media is moving away from being a product driven type of experience to a service rooted
experience. In many ways, it’s similar to the evolution that occurred in the gaming industry.
The gaming industry looked a lot like a consumer packaged goods company. Companies had no real
relationships with their customers. Now it’s about an ongoing dialogue. Companies are creating an
experience that continues to grow over time. This is coming in the media industry.”

Matthew Hannus, cofounder Bound

Read the report here:

Bound and Exiles of Embermark Talk Story

Bound got a nice mention recently on Touch Arcade:

“As we’ve talked about in the past, the developers have decided to use the app Bound as a way to get the game’s story out without burdening the actual app. Each month, we’ll get more of the game’s narrative on Bound, and that will include updates on how the game’s various houses are doing along with other fun tidbits.”

Read the article here:

‘Exiles of Embermark’ Starting to Flesh Out Its Episodic Narrative

We’re Teaming up with Gunslinger Studios!

Ok, so the spiderwolf’s out of the bag. We are happy to officially announce that Gunslinger Studios is one of our first game content partners! We’ll be developing a series as part of Gunslinger’s highly anticipated mobile RPG, Exiles of Embermark. We loved seeing the Bound mention in Pocket Gamer!

eoeheaderWe are very excited to be working with the Gunslinger team. They are insanely talented and love stories and worldbuilding just like us. Some of the things we’ll be doing with Exiles of Embermark fiction have never really been done before. We’ll have some exciting news as we develop the series.

In the meantime, check out the Exiles of Embermark site for more details about the fantasy world and upcoming mobile RPG. It’s one of the best dev blogs out there and the Gunslinger team shares a ton of information. Be sure to join their Discord community as they get the community involved in design decisions for the game.

We were going to ask Gunslinger CEO, Tim Harris for a quote but he is focused on building the most awesome mobile RPG ever. Never disturb a wizard! (He’ll smite you.)

EoE House Banners

Stranger Than Fiction: How Bound Will Change The Way You Read

From the Gigster blog… 

When Matthew and Jennifer Hannus founded Bound, a prose fiction startup, they originally planned on hiring an in-house development team. That was the plan, anyway, until they realized that Gigster could deliver a better, more inexpensive product faster.

The husband and wife duo are newcomers to the publishing industry, but they plan to shake up the way stories are published and read when they introduce their mobile prose fiction platform this spring.

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LoFi Prototyping (A Low-Cost Prototyping Process)

Originally posted on Medium

We are knee deep in development of the core platform for Bound, my new company focused on reimagining the user experience for prose fiction. I thought I would share how we went from concept to the first line of code. Bound has not raised any capital so over the last year I needed to get the most out of limited resources and tools before I could justify investing real money into development.

During my time in gaming, I too often saw costs grow as the team expanded to try to get an increasingly higher fidelity prototype without maximizing what could be done with simple tools. A very expensive prototyping process naturally leads to a desire to cut the prototyping process short before some basic design questions have really been answered.

It can be difficult for someone that is not a designer or developer to keep the cost of design and prototyping as low over multiple iterations.

So how did I do this for Bound?

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Reading on Mobile: All Your Prose Are Belong to Us

Check out our CEO Matthew Hannus’ recent post on Medium…

“I love a well-told story. In particular, I love a good book. A book, or better yet prose fiction, is not just entertainment but a collection of life lessons and a cheat sheet on how to be human. As John LeFevre, author and @GSElevator creator put it, reading “allows you to borrow someone else’s brain.” (btw — I have no idea if it’s his quote) But if I love books so much why do I find myself unable to find time for them, yet I’m seemingly able to play countless hours of meaningless mobile games? This got me thinking about the current state of prose fiction consumption on mobile and I wanted to share a few thoughts.”

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Bound Spins Out!

We thought we should repost this from the echoseven labs blog.  It marked the official spinout from the lab!

Original (April 2015) post was here.

echoseven labs spins out its first project, Bound – ready to reimagine long form narrative storytelling.

We’d like to let you know about Bound – a new long form narrative publishing platform built for mobile. Bound represents the first spinout for echoseven labs. Needless to say we are pretty stoked. We’ve been working on it for months and finally feel like can we talk about it a bit.

We’ve completely rethought the storytelling experience. The experience mind you…not the writing. Great narratives can take many forms but for the most part have not taken advantage of the many benefits that mobile presents. Our team approached storytelling from our game and mobile service backgrounds and started applying our experience to create a unique storytelling platform. We’ll be bringing you stories from some of the world’s most noted writers and world builders. It’s super familiar but different. We can’t say much else about it just yet…but it’s the future and it’s awesome.

We’d like to note that Bound is actively looking to discuss opportunities with published authors. Over the next several months, Bound will be making some announcements about world class talent already involved – so be sure to sign up to be one of the first to download Bound.

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