Just a quick dev update this time. (You can see our last one here.)

The current focus: Our current focus is on some really nice additions to the community functionality for the platform.

Some design work: Redesigning the series selection screen was a priority and took some research time on our part. Our initial design had contemplated a certain type and amount of content. As we move through development and testing, we found a better way to display information.

Add to the team: We added some iOS dev help in the last couple of weeks but are looking to add to the team.

Want to take a leadership position on our platform team? Check out the current opening here.

One Cool Thing

If you have not tried out Instabug yet, give it a look. It’s a pretty cool tool allowing us to have in-app bug reporting. It automatically captures a screenshot that you can draw on or add a voice note.


We got this question via DM on twitter: Why is the beta private?

We are still working on some UI and front end tweaks in terms of polish, plus opening it up to outside users would also mean a lot more support requests, which we can’t handle at the moment! However, if you want a private demo let us know and we’ll do out best to accomadate!

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