We’ve gotten a few requests from community members for dev updates, so here we go!

This is the first in a series of regular development updates from the Bound team. The updates should take place every two or three weeks until replaced with a release and associated release notes. The updates will contain development progress, maybe a screenshot or two, and answers to questions from the community. Please let us know what you think!

If you are just joining us, Bound is a new entertainment format for mobile. Our mission is to bring great storytelling to time-constrained fiction fans in a compelling new mobile format. As we design and develop, we stick to the following design principles:

  • Session length matters!
  • Depth and context make the story better!
  • Community!
  • Deliver story-as-a-service mindset!

Ok so here’s what’s cooking:

Build 0.2.0

BoundSketchfabCurrent build: 0.2.0 (41)

Dev: 0.2.0 (42) is underway. It’s an important build too.

(maybe we’ll rethink our build numbering convention)

When I say the build is important, I mean it will be a major upgrade in the overall experience. We are taking our time on the platform to get it right. After some user testing by the product team, there are some fundamental UX elements that felt off and thus we wanted to make better. We’re building a new experience and sometimes you don’t know what will/won’t work until you build it. That meant reworking some systems, pulling some features out, and really editing ourselves to get the experience desired. While we want to get more feedback, opening testing up to even a small outside group would also mean a lot of support requests, which we wouldn’t be able to manage just yet.

One Cool Thing

All I will mention is that we have a pretty cool Sketchfab integration coming. See the screenshot/GIF in this post. In the GIF, we are viewing a 3D asset from Sketchfab user Mestaty just for demo purposes (not associated with Bound). More details on the storytelling elements of this later.

Q & A

We’ll try to answer community questions in the dev updates. This being the first update, I’ll kick it off with the most common question:

Q1: When Will The Beta Be Ready?!

Ah, always a tricky question. Coming from game development, we are pretty sure any answer we give would probably be wrong! Instead, we’ll keep you updated on our progress, our roadmap, and our content partners. We are focused on delivering a game-changing experience. (It’s election season here in the US, so you get a politician answer.) Soon though I think!

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