We are pretty stoked to officially announce our partnership with Industrial Toys. Bound will be developing an original series expanding on the story from Midnight Star: Renegade. Actually, we have already started and we’ll have some pretty cool announcements soon.

renegade_keyart_nologoOk, a little about Midnight Star: Renegade. Midnight Star: Renegade is a mobile first-person shooter sequel to last year’s Midnight Star game. It already has a well-developed world for us to play in. In fact, check out the graphic novel, Midnight Rises, from sci-fi writer John Scalzi and artist Mike Choi which details the events leading up to the first Midnight Star mobile game. Yes, that’s right – the Midnight Star world and overarching story were created by none other than John Scalzi. Combine that firepower with Industrial Toys CEO Alex Seropian and you have a pretty rad universe.

Touch Arcade called Midnight Star: Renegade “pretty brilliant kind of way to design a first-person shooter” and Awesome Game Blog said “easily a contender for hand-held shooter of the year.

Go ahead and download the Midnight Star: Renegade now and get ready!