We’ve got a new series for you! Earlier this year we shares that award-winning author John Shirley would be working with us to pen a new mobile fiction series based on the Midnight Star universe from game company, Industrial Toys. Well today, that series is ready for your enjoyment! Go ahead and download Bound now.

Introducing “Purgatorio” 

“Purgatorio, is a new fiction series by award-winning author John Shirley, based on the “Midnight Star: Renegade” mobile game universe developed by Industrial Toys and best-selling author John Scalzi.  Purgatorio is a sci-fi adventure series set after the events of the mobile game “Midnight Star: Renegade” from Industrial Toys. The story follows a military research crew as they seek answers to mysteries left behind by a space-faring civilization that went missing 22,000 years ago. Season 1 of “Purgatorio” premieres on Bound with six episodes and will be updated with two episodes per week for the next several months.

A special thanks to Duncan Halleck (art), Joshua Nicholson (audio), Turner Watson (writing) for helping make this series come to life!

The full press release can be found here.