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      Bound is a Los Angeles based digital entertainment company focused on digital fiction and audio production with an emphasize on high quality production and top talent. We work with leading entertainment companies on franchise extensions and story development.


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    • Stories

      Here is a sample of our work


      Richard M. Knaak

      Fantasy adventure based in the world of Pillars of Eternity

      The D.O.D.O Files

      Created by Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland

      Set in the world of D.O.D.O.


      John Shirley

      Sci-fi adventure



      James Renner

      Thriller, mystery


      Nick Farmer

      Sci-fi, fantasy

      Hard Reset

      Stephan Bugaj

      Near future AI thiller


      Matt Entin

      Post apocalypse drama


      Eliot Peper

      Near future speculative fiction

      Com2uS Consulting

      Summoners War

      Story development for leading mobile title

    • Work With Us - We're Hungry

      Strategic Partnership

      We work with entertainment companies large and small to develop franchise extensions and lead the story development process.

      Talent Network

      Our team has developed an extensive network of writers, artists, voice actors, producers and creative talent that we can access to help develop a new story. We put together a new team for each project.  

      Platform Independence

      At Bound, each story is crafted care. We think longterm about how the story can be told across a variety of platforms. We typically start with a small budget for fiction and audio and actively work with partners to develop larger budgets games, films, and streaming content.


      Supported by Apiary Entertainment, Bound is an story production company that creates, develops, produces and markets original content and IPs for feature films, TV and games.


      As the world of storytelling rapidly changes, we are always trying new things. Some of our active projects include:

      • 📲 The Bound Storytelling App - an internally developed mobile app that let's us experiment with what it means to think holistically about storytelling for mobile 
      • 🔥 STEALTH - a story studio experimenting with new formats and distribution models 
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